Proper SEO Services Will Only Benefit Your Business


Are you one of those Cape Town business owners that are still on the fence about hiring SEO services for your company? The truth is that with proper SEO services, your business will only benefit.

SEO can be rather tricky to attempt in your personal capacity. Some think it’s just a matter of having a good-looking website, others think it’s all about loading your website with keywords and links, but any professional SEO consultant knows, there’s so much more to effective SEO.

Knowing the rules of search engine optimization is crucial because stepping out of line could result in your website being penalized by the search engines. There are also the ever-changing algorithms of the search engines that one needs to stay abreast of. This is why it’s so much safer to invest in an agency that specializes in SEO such as IM Applied an online marketing and SEO company in Cape Town. They have the necessary tools, knowledge and experience necessary to rank websites.

By speaking to a reputable SEO consultant, you’ll learn what kind of SEO you’ll need done on your business and whether you need a national SEO company or a local one. He or she will also be able to develop a strategy to help you outrank the websites of your competitors, thereby enabling your website to receive more online traffic.

It is important to understand that SEO isn’t a once-off, quick-fix service and you should see red flags if a SEO company promises you this. Fast SEO usually means that blackhat methods are used and if this is the case, there is a good chance that the search engine robots will get wind of this and penalize your website. For those of you that don’t know what happens when websites are penalized: Your website could be ranking at the first position on the search engines when the search engine robots realise that blackhat techniques are being used on your website. As soon as this happens, your website not only loses its rank position, the chances of it being found again or of you being able to get it to rank again are minuscule and generally not worth the effort. This means you’ll have to start a new website from scratch and try and build a good trust with the search engines from there, taking a lot of time that you could have saved, had you done things the right way to begin with.

Proper SEO takes time, but it’s effective at giving your website good rapport with the search engines. This is important when it comes to getting your website to the top of the search engines and keeping it there.

Getting your business website to rank at the top of the search engines means more online traffic, which means more potential clients, which means more sales for your business, which of course means more profits.

As you can see, an optimized website is essential and SEO is actually a necessity for any business nowadays. SEO is not a cost to your company, but a worthwhile investment, so go ahead and hire the services of a reputable SEO agency. We recommend IM Applied, a SEO Cape Town company. You won’t regret it!

Aqua-Net solid safety pool cover

Water Restrictions in South Africa Call for Pool Covers: Tips and Advice

Water restrictions are being implemented throughout South Africa as we face the biggest drought in thirty years. How will this impact your household? What will happen to your garden? Will you need to empty out your swimming pool?

Aqua-Net solid safety pool cover

Although the different provinces of South Africa are being placed at different water restriction levels, depending on the effects of the drought, each level has these things in common:

No hosepipes:

  • No hoses allowed for washing your vehicles. You may only use buckets, so try the 2-bucket system.
  • No hosepipes, sprinklers or automatic sprinkler systems may be used to water your garden, lawn, vegetable garden or other plants. This may only be done using a watering can or a bucket.

Some good ideas during drought and water restriction periods are replacing some of your plants with xerophytes plants indigenous South Africa and move some of your exotic plants in pots. Make use of compost to retain water in your soil and increase the nutrient capability by using compost.

Cover up your swimming pool:

  • You may only refill your pool if you had it fitted with a pool cover that will prevent water evaporation. Pools are to be filled manually – no automatic top-ups may be used.

Even when there isn’t a drought or water restrictions taking place, a pool cover is a great idea. Not only will it save you on your water bill, it will also save you on maintenance costs and time. The trick is to find the right pool cover to suit your needs.

When it comes to preventing water evaporation, the obvious choice is a solid pool cover, but there are various solid pool covers that serve different purposes. There’s a solid pool cover that will keep your pool clean and prevent evaporation from taking place which is great if you never have children or pets over or your pool is fenced in or you have a safety pool net (some solid covers can be used in conjunction with your pool’s safety net). If you’d like to extend your swimming season, there’s the solar blanket cover, which resembles bubble wrap. It’s a solid pool cover that uses the rays of the sun to warm your pool’s water by a few degrees while preventing water evaporation.

However, if you need a cover that will serve as a safety cover too, it’s best to invest in a solid safety cover and when it comes to safety, you need to use a trusted swimming pool cover supplier. We recommend Aqua-Net. They supply quality pool covers nationwide and are known for their superior quality.

Along with the water restrictions, new tariffs have also been put into place to prevent people from using too much water. If you’d like to see up-to-date water restrictions in place for your province, have a look at the Drought SA website or have a look at the municipal website in your area.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud – The Logic behind Adobe’s Subscription Model

Adobe Creative CloudIf you made use of Adobe software a few years back, you will recall versions like Adobe Software CS5 or Master Collection CS6. These were perpetual licenses, so once you purchased a license you effectively owned that product. The downside to this was that you virtually had to mortgage your home to purchase a commercial copy of Master Collection. To add to that misery, while your copy included all updates to the software it did not include upgrades to later version of the software.

With Adobe continuously working hard to improve their products and the ever-quickening pace at which technology advances, they went from producing a new version of software every 3 years or so to producing a new version of software annually. This meant that after you spent your ‘life savings’ on Master Collection CS5, only a year later CS6 was available for purchase.

Now one would think that in a situation like this one would just close your eyes and continue using what you have, but these new versions included some must-have features that allowed you to accomplish things in a way your existing version of Adobe software never could.

So was Adobe deliberately shortening the rate at which they pushed out upgrades in an attempt to bleed their design customers of their money. While it may leave be tempting to raise our fists and accuse them of this, this was not their motivation.  The truth of the matter is the evolution of technology in the past few years has allowed for so many things to be done that were previously impossible. This has forced companies like Adobe to invest in the continuous evolution of their own products just to keep up with ever shifting goal posts.

Adobe soon realized 2 things:

  1. Reducing the time between upgrades even further would not be economical for their clients and they would eventually lose the buy-in of clients.
  2. They really could not wait for an official new version to be released before releasing new features in the Adobe range, because the pace of technology was moving so fast that these features would risk being outdated even before they were released.

The only logical solution to these issues was to convert the perpetual license model to a subscription model. This solved two challenges at once. Firstly, it reduced the cost barrier significantly, allowing smaller agencies to get access to Adobe. Secondly, because it was now subscription-based, all upgrades were automatically included in the subscription and could be released as soon as they were developed and tested.

Designing with Adobe CC

The new subscription model was named Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe CC. The various suites that were previously available were also removed leaving behind only one – Adobe Master Collection CC. As for individual products, these remained intact, so it is possible to purchase Photoshop CC or InDesign CC. However, it would be more cost-effective to purchase the entire Master Collection CC than to purchase 3 individual products. And by purchase, we mean subscribe. You no longer own the license, now you own access to the software for a specified period and while you have the option to pay monthly or annually in most cases, your minimum subscription period is 1 year.

You can find out more about pricing and options at the Learning Curve Adobe store. They are an Adobe Platinum Reseller South Africa. They also sell other related software that you may find useful so feel free to visit their main site here: LearningCurve.Co.Za

If you are looking to purchase Adobe from outside of South Africa, simply visit the Adobe website and search for their international partners, and finally if you are from the US, you can purchase directly from Adobe.

Guidelines for Buying Construction Property in Mitchells Plain

Guidelines for Buying Construction Property in Mitchells Plain

Buying a construction property in Mitchells Plain is not quite the same as buying a “pre-owned” property in Mitchells Plain. For the most part, construction properties tend to be cheaper than pre-owned ones, but it’s always good to do some research to see if this is the right choice for you. If it is, these guidelines are for you.

Always go through a trusted local estate agent.

‘For sale’ signs, sometimes mean there’s an off chance that you can simply walk up to the owner and make an offer, but when it comes to buying construction buildings, you need to use someone you trust – someone who knows exactly what’s involved in this sort of endeavour. Having your own estate agent in Mitchells Plain will ensure that you get exactly what YOU need, not what the seller wants.

To find a reputable estate agent, you can start by looking at property websites, like You could even visit their offices to see if there are agents that deal with this sort of property sales and arrange to meet with them. Once you’ve found a trusted estate agent, you’re well on your way.

Review the warranties offered.

Not all construction warranties are created equal. Some builders offer warranties for everything in the building while others will only offer warranties for specific areas of the property. Some offer long warranties that can last up to ten years while others only offer warranties for about a year. The appliances within the property also come with different warranties. Make sure to thoroughly review the warranties offered by the builder before deciding what to buy.

The floor plan is subject to change.

Although you’ll have plans drawn up, there may be a few things that are a bit different once the actual structure is completed. This is because some things may work in theory, but not in reality, so things may need to be moved around or changed in order to fit properly. In a house, for example, you may end up having to go with a rectangular bath tub as opposed to the oval bath you initially wanted. You’ll need to keep an open mind with these things.

Add a month to the estimated finish time.

Add about a month to the estimated completion date provided to you by the construction company to be safe. The estimated timeframe given is usually based on everything going according to plan, which is rarely the case. There will probably be some delays and unforeseen expenses that should be catered for during the construction period.

Include your reputable estate agent, every step of the way.

Once you’ve found a trustworthy real estate agent Mitchells Plain, be sure to include him/her in everything regarding the purchase. Your agent knows the industry well and has your interest at heart. Developers may not like it much, but your agent should be included in every conversation, negotiation and decision made. This way you can rest in the knowledge that everything will be done properly and that the budget won’t be overshot for reasons that may elude you as layperson.

As you can see, there are a quite a few differences and extra things to take into account when buying a construction property as opposed to buying pre-owned one. It is therefore vital that you find a reliable real estate agency that you can trust and follow their advice on how to buy a construction property for sale in Mitchells Plain to avoid disappointment later on.

Why It Makes Sense to Volunteer in Africa

Volunteering in Africa

Volunteering abroad in Africa has become a rather popular way for tourists to explore new countries. This is because unlike regular travellers, volunteers get to contribute to the upkeep of local communities and in so doing, get to experience the cultures and true essence of the area they visit firsthand.

The benefit of volunteering in Africa is that there are so many countries and such a broad range of fields to choose from, from caring for the environment to working with wildlife to working with people. If volunteering in Africa appeals to you, here is a great resource:

One of the most diverse and beautiful countries to visit is South Africa. Volunteering in South Africa is probably one of the best choices you’ll make. Volunteers get to work with the locals in all fields, remarkable wildlife, underprivileged and even rural communities.

Volunteer in Cape Town and you’ll be spoiled for choice. Work with wildlife, teach underprivileged children, care for the elderly, work in conservation and if you’d like, you can even volunteer to work with sharks! For a complete list of volunteer programs in Cape Town, visit

What’s great about Cape Town is that there is so much to do outside of your volunteering hours. Take a Cable Car up Table Mountain, experience the breathtaking view of Cape Town and Atlantic Ocean from above and abseil down again if you enjoy adrenalin rushes. Take a boat to Robben Island and visit the very cell where former South African president and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Nelson Mandela spent years of his life and have sundowners at the V&A waterfront when you get back. Experience the beauty of Kirstenbosch Gardens or visit one of the many golden sand beaches. See penguins at Boulders beach in the southern peninsula and visit Cape Point while you’re in the area. Go diving with sharks. Cape Town boasts numerous coffee shops and has a rather vibrant nightlife too. The list of things to do is endless – and you can experience all of this while making a significant difference!

The advantage of volunteering in South Africa, is that you’ll never be alone. UK Volunteers, USA Volunteers and volunteers from across Europe all agree that volunteering is a wonderful way to meet new people, so it’s beneficial if you’re travelling alone. You’ll forge great friendships with the people you work with, and even with some of the locals.

Volunteering abroad Africa will also add value to your resume. Many companies nowadays prefer employing people that have volunteered abroad because it reflects dedication, independence and a willingness to travel.

With the chance to travel and explore a new country while adding some value to it, it makes good sense to volunteer in Africa next time you decide to travel.

Useful Guidelines for Giving Her Flowers

Have you ever wondered how to make a long-lasting impression on a woman? A recent survey has shown that the answer is a simple one: Give her flowers. Why? The survey indicated that as many as 92% of women are able to recall the last time they’d received flowers and 80% of them agreed that getting flowers makes them feel really special.

For some men, however giving beautiful floral gifts is a bit foreign and if this is the case for you, you’re on the right page.


If you’re able to choose them appropriately, flowers are able to express any emotion. All you need is some knowledge of flowers and a call to your online florist and you’ll be well on your way to choosing the perfect flowers for any woman in your life, whether it’s a new relationship, your wife, your mom, sister or even a good friend.

When it comes new relationship, showing your new love interest how you feel could prove to be tricky, so go with hot pinks, reds, golds and oranges in the floral arrangement. Accompany it with a thoughtful message that conveys the perfect sentiment.

When choosing flowers for your wife, think of the flowers she loves most. Which wedding flowers did she choose when you got married? Of the flowers you’ve bought for her, which flowers did she fuss over the most? Which flowers does she buy for herself? Giving her flowers that represent milestones and special occasions that you’ve shared, or her favourite flowers in her favourite colours will mean so much to her.

All women, especially moms, grandmothers and sisters deserve to feel special. Floral arrangements in soft pastels and greens, or a beautiful flowering plant will let them know you care.

In the case of buying flowers for your friend, you want to show her you’re thinking of her, but not in a romantic way, so go for bright colours that are fun or flowering plants, green plants or garden-style blooms.

What’s the best time to give women flowers? Studies have shown that the best time to give women flowers is when they least expect it. When you send a woman flowers “just because…”, she’ll never forget it.

If you want to go for something a bit trendier, these are some of the best designed bouquets that you can send with confidence:

Pictures found at Fabulous Flowers
Pictures found at Fabulous Flowers

Monobotanic arrangments are made up of only one type of flower, for example, tulips, roses, iris or lilies. More than one colour of the same flower can be used.

In monochromatic arrangements, any type of flower or a selection of different types of flowers are used, but they should all be the same colour.

Texture Bunches are bunches of flowers with various textures that complement each other are placed in a stylish holder.

Remember that you don’t need a special occasion to give someone flowers. Most women agree that the best reason for getting flowers is for no reason at all. Make use of flower deliveries services to send a bouquet to her at her office and you’ll earn major brownie points! When it comes to flowers, the size of the arrangement doesn’t matter. A bold statement can be made by both big and small bouquets. Your florist will be able to help you make up the perfect floral arrangement for any occasion.

Welcome To Golf Gotland

GotlandWelcome to Golf Gotland. The focus of our website is to share information that incorporates work, play and travel.

GotlandWe take our inspiration from the infamous Golf course in Gotland. It is an amazing club and should be visited by all who are able to make the journey. Once there you will quickly see just why we have found it so inspirational.

As an upmarket course, it caters for those who have worked hard and have taken the opportunity to spoil themselves a little with a trip to the small island to play. A closer look allows you to appreciate the hard work and dedication that has gone into the club to ensure that it meets the approval of all those who visit it. With travelers from all over the world stopping off here, this is no easy feat, but they have done really well to cater for all.

As a business person I absolutely appreciate all the effort that happens behind the scenes in this business. There is much that any business owner or entrepreneur can learn from Golf Gotland.

It is our hope that you will also find inspiration in the content that you find on our site – and if you ever get the opportunity, do visit the physical Golf Gotland.